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Why Print Professional?

What you might be asking yourself:

Over and over again I hear people question how a photographer can charge X amount of dollars for a 4x6 when it only costs $0.29 to print off a 4x6 at Wal-Mart or your local convenience store. While at first this may seem like a logical question, there are many reasons a professional photographers prints cost more than they ones you print off yourself. First of all, let's consider the print itself. When you take your memory card or flash drive to your convenience store to print your pictures, they are being printed much in the same way you would print off a document on your inkjet printer at home. Whereas a professional photographer sends their digital files off to a professional lab where the prints are actually developed chemical onto high quality paper. Paper that is guaranteed to last for a lifetime unlike your convenience store's photo paper. So not only are you getting better quality paper, you're also getting a better quality print just in the way it's processed.

All of our prints are created with printers that expose light sensitive paper that is then run through a chemical process. These are real photographs, not inkjet prints! You absolutely cannot beat the amazing quality of Kodak Endura real photos. Not only do they last forever, they have extremely vivid color as well. Once you have your photos printed and processed on professional Kodak Endura real photo paper, I can assure you that you will never have them printed and other way again! Below are some of our print prices. The prints are delivered straight to your home for no additional cost! We offer discounts on multiple order prints, and if there is a certain size you need let us know! Print the photos to last forever!