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Display Guides

Hey you!! So you spent a great deal of money getting some amazing photographs captured and then you leave them on your computer to print later? Do you only display them on Facebook? Well guess what.. yea I use to do the same thing! Until one day it was pointed out that I have no photos of my children Holden (he is 3) & Oliver (he is 1) in my home! ...yea... it was true! I decided it was well over due and ordered photos.

To my surprise the day they arrived I cried like a baby! A LOT! Its so different than just looking at images on a screen. To hold their photos framed and matted. It was one of the most proudest moments I have had as a photographer/parent. When Holden entered the room he instantly smiled ear to ear. "WOW THAT'S ME MAMA! I LOVE IT"  (see photo at the bottom). 

I can honestly say I get a jolt of happiness every time I walk into my living room. I cant believe how much they have grown since the photo was taken and I cherish it even more! Its the first thing people see when they enter the room. Which is a good thing because if they looked down the first thing they would see would be a mess of toys, am I right?

These images are not meant to sit on your hard drive and die a sad death, they are meant to be displayed and shared, and admired for a lifetime! Now choosing the right size print can be a bit difficult. Therefore I have created these fun guides to show you ways you can display your images! 

Who Said Size Does Not Matter?

Yes! Size matters! It is important to consider the space where you plan to display your photographs. We offer both Photo Prints and Canvas Wraps. Remember to keep the display size proportionate to the wall space. As you can see above the 30x40 is the better choice for the wall space than the 8x10. 

My proud son with his photos!