Meet The Photographers - Katie Boser Photography

Meet The Photographers

Katie: Main Photographer

     Helllo! I am Katie!  I first picked up my camera in March 2011 when my first son was born. I always took photos of him, his toes, hair, ears.. I was completely in love and obsessed. Then one day I wanted to figure out how to do a portrait of him sleeping. I got out a black sheet. Soothed him to sleep and started taking photos. It all started there. I researched how to be better. Its a little extreme but I sold my car and bought my first DSLR camera. (Yes the hubby supported me). 5 months later, after many nights and days of practice and studying I opened my doors and started offering my services to others.

Fun Facts:

I have cried at every wedding I've photographed at some point throughout the event

I loose my phone 5X a day easily

Absolutely terrified of thunderstorms... if you need me I'll be in the basement!

We named our 2 boys after book names: Holden- The Catcher in the Rye, Oliver- Oliver Twist. (Which I have yet to read either of those books)

I live in my leggins.. like everyday!

We have a female cat named Mr. Kitty and a male cat names Maverick

I crochet about 90% of my newborn props, I even sew all the banners and newborn outfit sets. Your defiantly getting a custom photography session!

Brian : Second Shooter- Wedding Photographer


     Hello I am Brian! I started photographing professionally in 2014 and I am excited to be a second shooter for Katie. My favorite style of shooting is creative-documentary; capturing candid moments as they happen naturally. I truly love meeting new people and I look forward to meeting you and taking your pictures!

Fun Facts:

Gets a new phone every other month

Has a sweet tooth – “Did someone say peanut butter chocolate?”

As you can guess.. is a geek head. Fixes computers and manages all the photography tech!

Has been known to slide across the dance floor to get that shot!

Neurotic when it comes to the texture of cotton.

Is an amazing cook!

Could live off of Chicken Curry and Spicy Tuna Rolls.

Why two Photographers?


   A second photographer allows us to be in multiple places at single moment! During your day the bride might be getting ready in one hotel room while the groom gets ready in another hotel room, and it may not even be on the same side of town! Aside from that, during the ceremony it’s wonderful to have two different views and perspectives of everything that happens.

     While Katie is taking pictures of the bride and her father walking down the aisle from the front, Brian can be in the back capturing shots from a balcony.  As a second photographer, Brian can focus on details & candid moments, while Katie (the primary photographer) captures the big picture!

     I’m talking about all of the moments that are constantly happening at weddings; reunited family members sharing a laugh, ridiculous friends doing ridiculous things. Hugs. Smiles. Tears. They happen all night long. They can’t all be photographed, but with two photographers around, the odds are pretty good that the big ones won’t be missed.